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Time to be Be the Best You Yet!
BENew™ is the ideal nutrition, fitness and weight loss system
available for individuals like you who live a busy, active lifestyle
and need a more effective, efficient way to become their very

Every aspect of the BENew™ program is simple, making it a
perfect fit for today’s increasingly busy world. Simple food, simple
nutrition and simple fitness—with no calorie-counting, frozen
meals or lengthy workouts.

To enhance the value of BENew™, Mitzi Dulan, RD. known as America’s Nutrition
Expert®, a registered dietitian, professional sports nutritionist and renowned
expert on health and fitness, Mitzi has created customized meal and fitness
programs. Her meal plan features satisfying, easy-to-prepare recipes that include
a vegetarian option, and her fitness plan uses high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT)
for maximum results in the least amount of time—so you can bring your body into
peak vitality while keeping the rest of your life in balance.

Every aspect of the BENew™ program is simple, making it a perfect fit for today’
s increasingly busy world. Simple food, simple nutrition and simple fitness—with
no calorie-counting, frozen meals or lengthy workouts.

You deserve to be your best, so take a minute to examine your life and consider
how a realistic program using real food could make a difference for you. Discover
the simple joy of renewal with BENew™ and learn how easy it is to Transform
your body and Transform your life.

At the core of the BENew™ program are three dynamic nutritional
supplements whose ingredients serve three distinct purposes:

»» BElean™ – a cutting-edge mix that boosts the
body’s metabolism and promotes weight loss

»» BEfull™ – a delicious shake formula designed to aid
weight loss and lean muscle development with a blend
of proprietary vitamins, minerals and proteins*

»» BEpure™ – a blend that gently and gradually cleanses your
digestive system without disrupting your diet or lifestyle*


Product options:

BENew™ Life Shift Pack


You are ready to say ‘Yes!’ to experiencing a body and life transformation, and
the Life Shift pack is your ticket to achieving your weight loss goals. Kickstart with
a 7-day, gentle BEpure cleanse while staying satisfied with a delicious BEfull
shake and boosting your metabolism with two powerful BEleans each day. Oh
yes, favorite jeans here you come!

Pack contains: One pouch (30 servings) of BEfull, 60 sticks of BElean (2 per
day), one 7-day supply of BEpure

BENew™ Power Shift Pack

You want to accelerate your life transformation even more with TWO delicious
BEfull shakes a day, or maybe you just love a little extra flavor variety in your
shakes. Well,  the Power Shift Pack is the pack for you! It has everything from the
Life Shift Pack to achieve your weight loss and body transformation goals, plus an
extra BEfull shake pouch – its time to ‘Power’ up your life!

Pack contains: Two pouches (60 servings) of BEfull, 60 sticks of BElean (2 per
day), one 7-day supply of BEpure

BENew™ Active Pack

You stay active and love a good workout, BUT you want a boost in your support
system to take you to the next level. Well here it is! The Active pack will support
your mission to get lean, fuel your endurance, and support your recovery with
nutrient packed BEfull shake and two powerful BElean metabolism booster each

Pack contains: One pouch (30 servings) of BEfull and 60 sticks of BElean (2 per

BENew™ Lifestyle Pack

You are living TRANSFORMED! You’ve reached your ideal weight and know that
to maintain your new lifestyle you have got to continue the healthy habits that got
you there. We have made it simple with the Lifestyle Pack, designed to support
your lifestyle with a once-a-day BEfull shake and BElean metabolism boost.

Pack contains: One pouch (30 servings) of BEfull and 30 sticks of BElean (1 per

BElean™ Metabolism Booster

Based on the science of thermogenics, BElean™ helps you unleash your weight
loss and fitness potential by harnessing your body’s own furnace. The cutting-
edge ingredients in BElean™ boost your natural energy and metabolism
throughout the day.*

Key active ingredients: Green coffee bean extract, green tea extract, African
mango extract, white kidney bean extract, Meratrim®, and raspberry ketones,
and brown algae extract (Fucoxanthin).

BEfull™ Protein Packed Meal Replacement

Whether you want to slim down or lean up, the BEfull™ healthy meal substitute
will propel you toward your goal. Replace one meal a day with a protein, fiber and
nutrient-packed BEfull™ shake and feel great without feeling hungry.*

Key active ingredients: 17 grams high quality whey and pea protein isolate, fibers,
including apple pectin, and vitamins and minerals.

BEpure™ Gentle Detoxifying Cleanse

Convert your body to a healthy, receptive state maximized for weight loss with
BEpure™. Your system will gradually become detoxified as it responds to the
strategic BEpure™ blend of natural herbs and fibers. BEpure™ helps you
jumpstart and maintain a dynamic weight loss transformation.*

Key active ingredients: Senna, casgara sagrada, fruit and vegetable fibers, and
SeaNine® sea vegetable blend.

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BENew Life Shift Pack
BENew Life Shift Pack
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BENew Power Shift Pack
BENew Active Pack
BENew Active Pack
BENew Lifestyle Pack
BENew Lifestyle Pack
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